The message to Maria – timeless drama about the spiritual seekers of man with premiere on Maundy Thursday

By on March 15, 2018

The place is 14th century France. Enormous cathedrals are being built, Jeanne D’Arc is born. Is it a time for miracles? The message to Maria of Paul Claudel is a timeless drama about the spiritual seekers of man, about a family’s division between good and evil and the way to reconciliation. Under the direction of Wilhelm Carlsson. Premiere on the Little Stage on March 29th.

The sisters Violaine and Mara live with their parents. The father suddenly leaves the family to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He decides that Violaine will marry to leave the farm in the hands of the fiancés – despite the wild protests of the envious Mara. But the wedding will not turn off. A mysterious meeting between Violaine and a prominent cathedral builder has changed everything.

– “Love has created pain and pain has created love”. The words of Claudel summarize the anxiety of man in the face of loss and loneliness of life, but also our ability to deal with what hurts both with ourselves and with others with the help of love. The message to Maria tells of a great sorrow and a divine path to consolation and reconciliation, says Wilhelm Carlsson, the director.

Conversation after the performance
What is the message in The message to Maria?
Conversation with the play director Wilhelm Carlsson and actors Jennie Silfverhielm and Maria Salomaa. Call leader: Magnus Florin. The call begins 10 minutes after the show ends.
April 15th. Free entrance, open to all (even those without tickets for the evening’s performance).

The message to Maria, premiere March 29, on the Little Stage.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm