The group buys itself free! moving to a bigger stage

By on December 18, 2016

The acclaimed feminist theater The group and their Performance The group buys itself free! going back to the Culture City Theatre. After the public success on Kilen moves the show now to Lilla scenen. New premiere December 28th.

The group examines and explores what it is that is so satisfying, pleasurable and attractive with a system that we are also often deeply critical and say we wish to change. Why began we use money? What are the needs and penalties create consumption? Do I really know what I’m doing when I pension saves? The group inspect the economy under the microscope, dissects and explores through humor as tools.

With The group buys itself free! The group takes the step towards a completely accessible performance. Anyone should be able to see the show at any time without having to adapt to the evening theater chosen to for example sign language mold. Each show time will be played on sign language, be audio description as well having hearing reinforcement. Additional availability: the premises has stairs and space for two wheelchairs.

The group buys itself free! premiered at Kilen, Free scene Culture City Theatre August 17 and has since played at Folkteatern in Gothenburg. December 28 it gets new premier on the small stage at the Culture City Theatre.

On stage: Elin Söderquist, Bianca Kronlöf and Nina Haber

Sign language mold: My Lilja Zwedberg

Idea: Aida Paridad

Idea, script, choreography & direction: The group

Set design: Sven Haraldsson

Kostymidé: The group

Costume: Daniela Krestelica

Light: Åsa Holtz

Audio: Pia Do

Composer: Emil Roijer

Choreographer: Niki Tsappos and Tarika Wahlberg

Poster: Parinazz Iranmanesh

Audio description: Felicia Kronlöf

Photographer: Parinazz Iranmanesh

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