By on June 20, 2017

Prime Burger enters into a new collaboration, this time with the rally star Leif Asterhag. Leif has an impressive track record and has won many major competitions, is current and will compete Midnattssolsrally 28 June 2017.

Leif is one of Prime Burger’s big fans and loves our burgers, besides he is a good friend of the CEO of Prime Burger Rolf Lardinger. A funny dialogue between the good friends about how the cooperation with Prime Burger came to took place at one of the restaurants on Prime Burger Kungsholmen and it sounded like this:

Rolf laughs and says playfully that Leffe came to me for the rally of the year, he said that he had become so tubby and bonny that he had to rebuild the rally car before this year’s Midnattsolsrally – he simply did not fit behind the wheel. He claimed it was every visit to Prime Burger.

They laugh high together and continue:

The workarounds on the Toyota which had to be fixed, was to shorten the steering column and possibly extend the car by 15 cm to make room for “steering”. We never hesitated to stand up as a sponsor for a regular customer and good friend, who also runs rally better than the most …

It’s an honor for us to be seen on Leffe’s car, saying Roffe and Leffe fill in “to get to design a rallyburger in connection with this will be really fun”.

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