The future offices furniture explored by Beckman Students

By on February 2, 2017

In cooperation with the furniture company Edsbyn has form students at Beckmans College of Design explored the future of office furniture and produced six furniture ideas that appear in the Greenhouse VH03: 42 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair February 7 to 11.

Six ideas for the future of office furniture

The dangers of too much sedentary is well known as well as concentration problems in the workplace leads to reduced efficiency, performance and comfort. In this year’s projects has last year students at the Form program explored the problems and opportunities created in workplaces with open floor plans and today popular activity-based approach.

The result is six ideas for the future of office furniture – furniture that would put an end to the endless sitting, the furniture as a communication tool, the furniture that creates privacy and acts as a refuge place, the furniture as a living space for spontaneous meetings and actively work to a construction kit based office concept and a flexible storage system as the antithesis of today’s often static storage. Students have assumed Edsbyns own production conditions which partially flat furniture production are included.

Our idea of the partnership is to create a dynamic exchange between industry and students. To be working in a sharp projects and communicate it with an public audience provides a unique insight into the profession as a designer, says Morgan Rudberg, architect MFA and course.

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