The future in the focus of the pedagogy at the Baltic Sea Science Center

By on March 3, 2019

The laboratory is ready, the school shows have taken shape and from the end of April, the teachers at Skansen are looking forward to meeting the first classes visiting the new knowledge center Baltic Sea Science Center. Here, interest will be raised and the commitment to the unique inland Baltic Sea. Skansen and Stockholm Vatten och Avfall have a joint effort to reach school classes in Stockholm and Huddinge.

The aim of the initiative is to reach 300 school classes within the framework of Stockholm Vatten och Avfall’s catchment area, Stockholm city and Huddinge with targeted and enjoyable teaching about the Baltic Sea. Stockholm Vatten and Avfall will pay for the visits for the classes as part of the focus on clean water. Other classes outside the catchment area are always welcome but pay according to the usual price list.

– Classes should be able to visit the Baltic Sea Science Center as part of the regular teaching, says Sophie Lewenhaupt, who is an educator at the knowledge center. We also want the students and teachers to continue to process information when they return to their own classrooms.

– School visits should provide knowledge and arouse the commitment of the students so that they understand how valuable the Baltic Sea is, says Helena Liljestrand in Stockholm Water and Waste. We all need help, and even with small contributions from many people, we can make a difference, for example, not flushing down debris and chemicals into the sewage system, shopping for environmentally friendly products and living in a different way.

School programs are designed according to the current curriculum. On site at the Baltic Sea Science center, students can discover the Baltic Sea through aquariums, a movie hall, the Lab – a fully equipped laboratory and school hall – and through interactive exhibitions where problem areas are addressed such as eutrophication, environmental toxins and fishing.

– It is important to highlight the problems, but when you go home there should also be possible tools and solutions so that we feel that we can contribute concrete, says Helena Liljestrand. With knowledge, we can all contribute through a sustainable lifestyle and it is important not least for the generation that is growing up now and should take over.

School shows and classes
From 4 March it is possible to book school shows and programs for April, May and June. The bookings are made via Skansen’s website under the Schools tab.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Djurgården