The family’s best sports holiday in the ski slopes

By on February 25, 2017

To spend the sports holiday in the mountains is since long time a strong tradition among us northerners. Soon comes one of the busiest weeks in the mountains when nearly 10,000 guests attend ski school at SkiStar’s ski resorts in Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen, Trysil, Hemsedal and St. Johann. When it’s full speed in the ski slopes is the tips invaluable. How do you get more out of your sports holiday week in the ski slopes? How do you dress the children, and oneself? What to think about with small children in the slopes to get everything to run as smoothly as possible?

Eat righthave more energy in the ski slopes

To think about eating to cope more is important. When you go downhill you train the whole body and most of the time you do not think of it yourself when you are in communion with loved ones. Charge with a good breakfast, take breaks with snacks. Remember that a hearty snacks makes children cope anymore and keeps your spirits up. When it comes to lunch so are able to adapt to all the different wallets and choose to eat your own picnic in slogbod, snow pit or heat cabin. You can also enjoy a reasonably priced lunch at a slope near restaurant or cafe, or why not enjoy a long lunch at one of the high quality restaurants that are in close proximity to the ski slopes.

Dress smart – more comfortable in the piste

The now classic layer on layer principle is good to start from. During the winter there is often inversion, which means that it can be cold in the valleys while it is milder where the lift starts and in the mountains very pleasant. If you have different layers of clothing, it is easy to take off a layer if it gets too hot. Avoid cotton next to the skin because it does not wicks away moisture, but allows you to quickly become cold and clammy.

Layer 1. A underwear in wool or alternatively synthetic closest to the body

Layer 2. Fleece Sweater

Layer 3. Water repellent outer garments that breathe.

Socks. Go for a proper ski sock, preferably in wool so that your feet stay dry and warm.

For the neck and head. A helmet cap in merino wool or buff for the neck. Helmet is a given in 2017, is both safe and comfortable in the cold and wind.

Happy children – smoother skiing day for parents

Ski Week in the mountains means development and strengthens children’s self-confidence. It happens so much more with children than those just learning to ski. Small things like being able to clamp and take off your skis and be able to find their own skis on a line with lots of other skis do much for the perception ability and the feeling of being independent.

Let the child try ski boots and skis before they start the ski day, preferably the day before. For the smallest it’s an experience to just walk in ski boots.

Use the imagination of children to learn turns in the ski slopes. For small children, the game is the best educational environment to learn in. For example, cops and robbers – the thief turns, and the police will follow.

Do not rush and remember to take breaks

Make sure your child has eaten and gone to the bathroom before dressing occurs

Bring a little drink and fruit, raisins or other energy that can be rapidly generated

There are a variety of children’s activities that may be useful to vary ski day with

Let another adult or older sibling to be active in learning skiing or let the child go to ski school or take private lesson