The Fabric giant moves!

By on September 5, 2018

Ohlsson’s Fabrics on Sveavägen in Stockholm City change location. The store will move from its current location to Sveavägen 20, 200m away on the same street.

– Great fun! It’s a very nice local and it will be a superlift for us, says Therese Stein, store manager.

Ohlsson’s Fabrics has been on Sveavägen 34 for 20 years and is today the shop with the highest turnover of the chain’s 21 fabric stores around the country. The reason they choose to move is the new location’s better location and design.

– We come closer to the customer base, so we feel that the situation is a major reason for the move. But the new venue will also suit us much better, it will be very nice to stay on one plane instead of two, says Stein.

Ohlsson’s Fabrics will open in their new premises on 27/9. The new store is located on Sveavägen 20, in Scandinavian Photos old premises and is 400m2.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Stockholm