“The Day I Die (I Want You To Celebrate)” – today we celebrate a new single with Miss Li!

By on October 6, 2017

After a long and amazing tour with sold out venues, it’s time for Miss Li to release new music. And despite a packed summer so has she had time to alternate the gigs with songwriting. With the new single ”The Day I Die (I Want You To Celebrate)”, Miss Li and Sonny Boy Gustafsson, the radar couple, show that they are masters of song carpentry!
The single came after the featured concert in Skellefteå this summer. Miss Li, who has a reputation of being wild at the scene, got the idea to climb up on her piano but dropped the balance and fell into the river.

– The day after the gig, I talked with my mom on the phone and we laughed at what had happened, said Miss Li, but suddenly Mother became serious and said; – Linda, you could have hit your head and disappeared in the cold and stream river. You must understand that I’m worried!

– When we hung up, I thought a lot about what she said, Miss Li continues, and like many others, I often think of death. But every time I do, I come to the same conclusion – if there is something worse than death, so is it to live a long but content poor life.
So I called back to mom and said;
-If I die, I do not want you to mourn because I died. If I die, I want you to celebrate that I lived my life!

At first glance, it may seem that “The Day I Die (I Want You To Celebrate)” is about death, but it’s about life! It’s a reminder to live it all the way, as if every day were the last!

The single “The Day I Die (I Want You To Celebrate)” is released today, October 6th, written by Miss Li, Sonny Boy Gustafsson and Kyle Puccia, and produced by Sonny Boy Gustafsson.

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Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music