The dance floor at Stockholm’s Culture Festival grows

By on April 5, 2017

The dance floor on the Stockholm Culture Festival made huge success last year and 2017 will dance devotees in scattered genres like bhangra, disco, tango, folk dancing, bug, foxtrot and traditional Indian dance to be really satisfied. Every morning smooth starting with yoga.

Bhangra, Finnish and dance bands – different themes each day

This year’s program offers different themes on different days in which the Indian is first out duirng Tuesday. Sunita Indira Singh mixes workshops in Bollywood Dancing with performances during the day and at night you can dance Bollywood Dance to live DJ.

On Wednesday it will be Finnish until midnight. Matti Alenius, renowned ballet dancer, the oldest hip-hop dancer and now tango king winner, holds the Finnish tango courses and is then superseded by the popular club Finnish Disco with DJ Windows 95 in the play booth and disco diva Mirella Hautala on stage.

Thursday goes in Culture Festival themed India with display of Indian classical dances. In the evening will the Scottish / Indian bhangraduon Tiger Style make you dance bhangra into the night.

Foxtrot, jive and dance bands is on the schedule for Friday, when the dance consultant teaches and shows Stockholm swinging jive and foxtrot. The Uppsala band Per-Håkan’s offers up to a real dance evening and on Saturday ingested the dance floor of this year’s dance and folk musicians that promises music, partying and dancing to JP Nyström’s. There will be dancing and playing – until midnight.

Stockholm Culture Festival have free admission, going on 15 to 20 August and offers something for all ages. During the spring and summer are released the full festival’s extensive program. This year’s festival theme is India!

Stockholm Culture Festival 2017
Where: Stockholm city
When: August 15 to 20
How: Free admission!

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