The culture autumn starts on August 15 at Sergel’s square

By on August 10, 2017
Matilda Rahm

Reopening of our libraries, cinema in Skärholmen and an open stage on Sergels square – some of the autumn’s news at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. And the autumn’s great theater initiative is Våra drömmars stad, by Per Anders Fogelström’s beloved Stockholm retinue. Premiere on the Great Stage 2 November. Next premier on the big stage is My fair lady with Magnus Uggla, Nina Zanjani and Johan Rabaeus in the roles. On August 15th we will start the culture autumn at Sergel’s square with autumn collection, open house and release for the season’s program magazine. Welcome to a new season at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern!

On August 15th, there is the long-awaited reopening of our youth library TioTretton, as well as the large library on the 2nd floor of the Culture House Stadsteatern at Sergels torg. Inauguration will take place at 13.30 in the presence of Roger Mogert, Urban Planning and Culture Council, Benny Fredriksson, President Culture House City Theater and Åsa Mårtensson, Literature and Library Manager of the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. The opening ceremony is open to all.

The same day we will also start a new stage on Sergel’s square, which will fill 50 years this year. Sergels square, which has become an obvious gathering place for demonstrations, tributes and meetings, is a modernist contemporary story strongly associated with open Stockholm, which links into Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns democratic missions. From August 15th, we will offer art, debates and events of various kinds directly in the square of the new “Today on the plate” venue. The opening ceremony is open to everyone and will take place on August 15 at 16:00!

– For many, Plattan is a square that you only pass through on your way elsewhere. But with this outdoor scene, I hope that Platten instead becomes a square that you want to stay on to enjoy cultural experiences. That there is a place where you want to be, says Benny Fredriksson, CEO.

2017 is Fogelström’s year in memory of author Per Anders Fogelström, who should have filled 100 years this year. We celebrate by giving the Våra drömmars stad, after his beloved Stockholm retinue, a new life under the artistic leadership of Linus Tunström and Ulla Kassius. Premiere on the Great Stage 2 November. Next big performing arts initiative is My fair lady with Magnus Uggla, Nina Zanjani and Johan Rabaeus in the roles. Director makes danish success director Elisa Kragerup.

Taste samples will be announced at our autumn gathering on August 15 at 12, where we present gleanings from the autumn’s program! After the autumn collection, we invite you to the Open house in the All art house at Sergel’s square with free entrance to guided special views, exhibitions, secret live acts, street dance workshops and more. Even the rehearsals at our theater scenes are opened to the public with the possibility of a sneak peek on Mio, my Mio and Lite lugn före stormen (with Dan Ekborg, Robert Fux and Sven Ahlström) among others.

New to this autumn is that Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen opens a cinema. Opening on Skärholmen’s day 9th September! It will be an international children’s and youth film repertoire, which gives visitors from all over the city the opportunity to watch movies that are otherwise not easily accessible.

– With the new cinema we go towards a more multi-faceted cultural center, says Carolina Frände, artistic director of the scene in Skärholmen.

At our open house on August 15 comes the actors from Skärholmen to Sergels square and take over the Klarafoajén – “Do it yourself studio” promised! On-site in the house, Sissela Kyle will also be telling you about the Kretsteatern coming season. The Krets theater, revived with noise and bark in January 2017, extends its venues from three to seven this fall. And among the performances that will be in Stockholm, several successes from the Soppteatern, such as Anders Lundin’s Expedition livet, Albin Flinkas and Fredrik Meyer’s En kväll med Forsell, Per Naroskin’s therapy play with Gunilla Nyroos and Sissela Kyle.

On August 15th, we will release our program magazine and tickets to My Fair Lady, the Kretsteaterns program, the new literature serie The Classic Hall and more concerts, including a tribute to Barbro Hörberg on the Great Stage with Love Antell, Frida Hyvönen, Mattias Alkberg, Sarah Riedel, Linnea Olsson, Isak Klasson and Sibille Attar, and much more!

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