The Confectionery Shop – the new operator with confection for all times!

By on August 25, 2018

With passion for taste, quality and masterful craftsmanship, we started We think you deserve liquorice, chocolate and confectionery of the very best quality. Therefore, we decided to gather all the good in one place – We are careful about quality and hand picking our range.

The confectionery shop – confection for all moments!

The confectionery shop is the obvious choice when it comes to confectionery, licorice and chocolate. With us you will find chocolate from all corners of the world. From the small manufacturer in Sweden to the biggest and most famous chocolate masters. Do you love liquorice, and sharing our passion you will find a lot of quality licorice from Sweden, but also delicious flavors from other countries. Our chocolate is the best and we choose our varieties with care.

We love confectionery of all its kind and have the right one for all moments, whether you’re giving a candy gift or if it’s for yourself. For us, confection is important and therefore we are really good at it. At the Confectionery store, a wide range of delicious quality chocolate, premium liquorice, delicious confectionery baskets, fine chocolate and fresh flavors are always offered. Find your new favorite flavor or buy the home classic – no matter what you can find it at the Confectionery Store!

We at the Confectionery shop think that only the best confection is good enough. Therefore, we are careful when selecting our product range. We want to offer good chocolates, licorice and chocolate with good quality and delicious flavors with focus on the craftsmanship and good ingredients. Through an assortment of the best hand-picked brands and the freshest confection we live up to this, because that is our customers worth it!

You can never get too much confectionery and therefore the Confectionery Shop is constantly developing in terms of licorice, chocolate and confectionery. We want to offer Sweden’s best and largest range of confectionery and therefore we are constantly developing our range, service and offer! Confectionary for all moments simply!

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Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage