The City Museum opens January 18, 2019

By on June 12, 2018

In a whole new exhibition, you will experience Stockholm’s history from 1527 until today. Here you meet people, events and environments that together tell about the city’s development.

You will be accompanied by a breathtaking journey from a small place in northern Europe to an urban, Scandinavian metropolis. We take you from great power dreams to suburban punk via flowering romance, beer halls and folk-house ideals.

A new restaurant with cafe opens in the house. In the museum’s new shop you will find everything from Stockholm books to posters and unique presents. In the new lounge you will get help with questions about Stockholm, participate in talks and lectures about the city’s history, contemporary and future.

“We have to postpone the opening of the Stadsmuseet at Slussen. This is due to the fact that the renovation work has taken longer than expected, as it is complicated and difficult to combine modern features with an old house from the 17th century”, says Ann-Charlotte Backlund, City Attorney, and City Museum’s representative in the steering group for the renovation of the house.

“When we open again in January, we welcome residents to a museum that seats twice as many visitors as before,” says Sara Claesson, museum director.

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