The City Museum and Medieval Museum’s program in spring 2018

By on January 18, 2018

Spring program, February-May 2018, contains hundreds of city walks, views and lectures that tell about Stockholm’s history and contemporary from different perspectives.

The city museum usually provides a varied range of city walks and shows. The program includes hikes about the city’s architectural history, takes up various districts and themes such as spy history, prostitution and the Jewish Stockholm. We walk, jogging and cycling through the city. In addition, views of our museum apartments and lectures, all while we work for high pressure with the brand new exhibition in the museum at Slussen, which opens again on November 1!

Some taste samples from spring’s program:

Spies, C agency and a Swedish tiger Read more here>>

Follow and hear about intelligence services and sabotage on the streets of Stockholm during World War II.

The women in the street Read more here>>

A walk in the footsteps of the procuress, the pimps and the fallen women

North Jews and South Jews Read more here>>

Follow David Fischer through Jewish Stockholm history, at Kungsholmen and Södermalm.

Joggwalk from Royal Garden to Royal Djurgården Read more here>>

Evening jogging through the history of Östermalm, Gärdet and Djurgården.

Astrid Lindgren’s Sago-Stockholm Read more here>>

Discover places and environments inspired by the stories about Mio min Mio, Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson on the roof.

Obsan – from outskirts farms to park play happiness Read more here>>

We walk through the part of the Observatorielund which was converted into park in the early 1900s, with one of Stockholm’s first park play.

Graffiti hiking in Snösätra Read more here>>

We take a trip to Söderort and visit Sweden’s most graffiti-rich area.

Bike hiking along Göta country road Read more here>>

We cycle from Stuvsta to Södermalm, on a road that has been used since ancient times.

Even the Medieval Museum has a full-featured program session. Among other things, we tell about the churchman Albertus Pictor, archeology around Slussen, or you can follow a medieval walk in the Old Town. In addition, many programs under the school holiday and special theme views.

Among Spring’s programs:

Medieval walking in the Old Town Read more here>>

Hear about everyday life and festivals 600 years ago.

Middle Ages haute couture Read more here>>

Theme exhibition in the museum about medieval fashion and body ideals.

Forgotten dragons and treasures Read more here>>

Historical discovery trip for children with treasure hunting in the Old Town’s alleys. Recommended from 6 years.

Archeology hiking around Slussen Read more here>>

Find out what the find tells about the history of the city. Ending in Svartbrödraklostrets basement.

Albertus. No one could paint like him! Read more here>>

Lecture about the late medieval church painter Albertus Pictor.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm