The children build chess pieces to Alby Square

By on April 5, 2018

The children at Alby leisure club is soon ready with their mission: Build big chess pieces with smart storage. The chess is a part of Botkyrkabyggen’s work to strengthen civil society in Alby and make the square a more accessible and vibrant meeting place.

Since the turn of the year, children aged between ten and twelve have measured, saw, ground and painted the big chess pieces. Now only the trolleys remain where the pieces are to be kept. On the Alby Day, May 26, it’s time for the game premiere.

– The mission is big, there are many pieces. It’s also fun, especially the painting is popular with the kids. It is important that what they create is used publicly. We want to work for Alby, for our neighborhood, says Olle Melander of ABF, who made the production with the children at the leisure club.

For Botkyrkabyggen is the chess game and collaboration with ABF and Alby leisure club one of several ways to contribute to the local community and to build ties with residents and associations. To help people stay up, meet and socialize is an important part of the housing company’s work with Alby Square and Alby Center.

– For us at the Botkyrkabyggen it is important to involve children and young people at an early stage to be with and influence their surroundings. We’ve been working for this in Alby for a long time, and it produces good results. It creates safety and reduces damage and provides us with very good contacts with residents, associations and schools in Alby, says Alvaro Fuentes, sustainability developer at Botkyrkabyggen.

Facts Chess Pieces on Alby Square:
Production: The children at Alby leisure club and Olle Melander, ABF
Client: Botkyrkabyggen
Size: Height 50 cm, width 30 cm
Material: Plywood and pine
Premiere: May 26, 2018

The chess in Alby is an example of Botkyrkabyggens social sustainability work 2018. How we worked on sustainability issues last year are presented in our sustainability report on April 23.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Alby