The Bergman Festival: stage art in front of justice

By on August 14, 2018
Sören Vilks

The rite is about three successful artists who received an obscent variety number censored. The play emphasizes the complex relationship between humiliation and needs, the artist and the audience, man and society. The director is Emil Graffman. Premiere August 26th in the Tower Room.

The rite was originally written for TV 1969 and is now being screened for the first time in Sweden. This is how Ingmar Bergman describes himself the manuscript in his interviewbook Bergman’s about Bergman:

“I wake up every morning with new anger and a new desire to live. I thought I would write an episode about three variety artists who are involved in a morality fight. Before I knew the word, it was a play. You can see Riten as a black comedy or as the game between the artist and his audience. The artist and society. This mutual blend of humiliation and needs. “

The plot is simple, but the relationships are complex. Three successful artists have received an obscent variety number censored. Now they are called into question by a judge who seems to want to expose all their weaknesses and shortcomings. The actors live in a dense but destructive symbiosis, and after years of international success, the trion has come to a personal and artistic dead end. Can they really manage without each other? When they are allowed to show their number for the referee, the roles change and the power lies with them as artists and the judge becomes the one who is forced to examine himself.

Emil Graffman has on Dramaten previously directed Strömming on Cattelin and Den fule. His latest staging is Michel Houellebecq’s Underkastelse at Göteborg City Theater, where he also stood behind audience and criticisms successes such as Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie.

Conversation after Riten
Conversation after the performance with the dramaturge Irena Kraus. Participates does also director Emil Graffman and actor Rasmus Luthander.
On September 13, at 20.40. Free entrance, open to all (even those without tickets for the evening’s performance).

Riten, premiere on August 26, The Tower Room.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm