The Baking & Chocolate Festival – A dream for all who craving for sweet

By on October 11, 2017

Be sure to enjoy. This weekend is the time for the Baking & Chocolate Festival with a series of good news and inspiration to the home baker. The festival also invites you to delightful enticements to several senses and cool competitions.

Celiaki square
The Baking & Chocolate Festival now creates a unique Celiaki square. This will be a great opportunity to spread the message and increase knowledge about celiaki to both individuals and businesses. There have previously been gluten-free exhibitors at both the Baking & Chocolate Festival and other events, but this is the first time it becomes an individual platform only for celiac.

– We want to showcase the possibilities and not just the problems. There will be exhibitors with products that visitors get the opportunity to taste and also get good information about celiaki, says Virginia Küst as project manager Celiaki square.

The Final of the Year’s Conditor
October 12-13 is the big final where participants will show off their skills. This year’s theme: Nature, will inspire the finalists in the three subtleties, a cake of at least three floors, three different kinds of petit four and a secret pastry.

– This year holds the confectioners in the finals of the Year’s Confectioner an impressive high level! The tough competition requires the finalists to utilize all their craft skills, experience and creativity.

Kladdkakeracet offers “extra everything”
Arla Köket Kladdkakeracet is one of the great highlights of the fair. For the twelfth consecutive year, the finalists in Arla’s nationwide competition, all youngsters between the ages of 10 and 14, compete infront of the festival audience with their own kladdkake recipes. During the final, the contestants will get 30 minutes for themselves, the time in the oven is not included. Thereafter the winner is appointed by a jury, including the newly appointed Confectioner of the Year. The competition is headed by the two founders of the festival, the champion confectioners Magnus Johansson and Tony Olsson.
Kladdkakeracet is held Saturday 14 October.

Sweet Sunday
Sunday, October 15th, the Baking & Chocolate Festival, in collaboration with Dansukker, offers something extra: Sweet Sunday, a novelty for this year. Some of Sweden’s most renowned confectioners will offer a fast-paced and entertaining family entertainment that will inspire all home bakers.

The Baking & Chocolate Festival will take place on 12-15 October together with the mate fair Hem, Villa & Bostadsrätt at the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Älvsjö