The Autumn Salon

By on October 1, 2016

The Autumn Salon

That is the Question The 2016 Autumn Salon reflects a world in need, or fear, of control/of losing control. Can one discern a longing for one’s own or someone else’s power, or fear of powers that can be harnessed, unleashed or ignored – as if sublime beauty or utter darkness did not exist within us all? Whether it is about the relationship between humans and sacred animals, school massacres, strictly controlled pedigree dogs, animated objects or falling men…

To quote an exhibitor: “I took a much-needed break in the middle of all that and thought, ‘What the hell are you doing… Really?’”.

Photographs reflect real and fictitious worlds. The photographers in this year’s Autumn Salon move between documentation and poetry, reality and fiction. They capture in-between moments, explosive events, or plant themselves in the middle of slow processes. This is happening right now; this has already happened; this will never happen. We move from point A to point B. There is a before and there is an after.

Fotografiska representations are able to transform the concrete into illusions. A boat laid up for the winter looks almost human under its covering. Wet market stall covers at Hötorget turn into dripping watercolours. A laundry-room booking board breathes loneliness. Quotidian fragments that form a universe. We are transported from an abstract world into a reality fumbling between joy and sorrow, dream images and brutal actuality. Spaces and objects are charged with new meanings; here someone has slept, here are traces of someone who is missing. Submission, control and obedience.

The camera also converts real locations into utopias. The world of photography shows our most beautiful dreams as well as our most terrifying fears, from that which has happened to that which perhaps will happen. History and future are reflected in the present. In the midst of a turbulent time, the 2016 Autumn Salon is characterised by control and the loss of control, prompting us to ask: What is controlled by whom – and why?

2326 photographers applied to the 2016 Autumn Salon. 31 were selected. They take us to places such as Japan, Ukraine, Arjeplog, East Africa, Estonia, Kosovo, Ireland, Germany and the United States. Their artistic references include Sandy Skoglund and Philip-Lorca diCorcia and they blur the boundaries between real places and dazzling mirages.

A photograph requires an observer. Sometimes we may have to look twice, rub our eyes, and look again.

On the Autumn Salon The Autumn Salon is an annual exhibition at Fotografiska. Application is open to everyone over the age of 18 living in Sweden and Swedes residing abroad. There is no theme to relate to. All applications are presented anonymously to a jury whose members work in different areas of photography and visual art.

Participating photographers:
Jonas Wettre, Daniel Wahlberg, Erik Ardelius, Erik Danielsson, Stefan Andersson, Zachary Roberts, Kerstin Westeson, Carola Hildén, Fabian Mannheimer, Ylva Bergman, Julian Birbrajer, Peggy Anderson, Kristofer Dan- Bergman, Isabella Ståhl, Hampus Andersson, Lena Granefelt, Ida Lindgren, Nadja von Bahr, Henrik Eriksson, Daniel Grizelj, Adam Wrafter, Magnus Åström, Fredrik Olsson, John Kimmich- Javier, Colinette Hammar, Izabelle Nordfjell, Vanda Aronsson, Geska & Robert Brečević / Performing Pictures, Jonas Berggren, Anna Svanberg, Amanda Vestberg

The 2016 Jury
Berndt Arell, Director General of Nationalmuseum incorporating Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde.
Pauline Benthede, Exhibition Manager, Fotografiska.
Petra Bauer, CEO and founder of Agent Bauer.
Patric Leo, graphic designer, Leo Form.
Anneè Olofsson, artist, represented at MoMA, previously Professor at Valand Academy, Gothenburg and guest professor at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

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