The artists take over and launch new music concept at Tap Room Kungsholmen

By on September 1, 2019
Cornelia Jakobs is the first of three artists to take over the stage at Tap Room Kungsholmen this fall!

Together with artist bureau Jubel, the Tap Room Kungsholmen cocktail bar at Clarion Hotel Amaranten launches a new music concept this fall. During September, October and November, the three Swedish artists Cornelia Jakobs, Albin Johnsén and Patrik Arve will perform four exclusive gigs each with secret guest artists every Wednesday. Premiere on September 4th!

Tap Room Kungsholmen has long been known for their good cocktails and vibrant after works. Now they are taking the Stockholm music scene together with the established artist bureau Jubel. The artists who take over the stage during the fall are Cornelia Jakobs, Albin Johnsén and Patrik Arve and they do this together with secret guest artists every Wednesday.

– We are extremely expectant and excited about this collaboration with Jubel. Not only can we fill our bar with outstanding musicians and welcome our guests to new musical experiences every Wednesday throughout the fall, but most important of all is that we as a hotel through concepts such as these can help Stockholm to get a more vibrant music scene, says Hanna Holfve, Marketing Manager, Clarion Hotel Amaranten.

The three artists will be visiting the bar during each month this fall for four exclusive gigs, and first out is Cornelia Jakobs at the premiere on September 4. What guest artists they bring with them every Wednesday will not be revealed in advance.

– We are super excited to be able to join this concept together with Clarion Hotel Amaranten. In the same way that we are changing the way to reach out with music, Nordic Choice Hotels has changed its industry and has given Swedish hotels a whole new standard. In a situation where Stockholm’s music scene is imploding, we see tremendous potential in hotels in general and Nordic Choice Hotels in particular, says Erik Ohlsson, CEO, Jubel.

First out is Cornelia Jakobs:

Cornelia Jakobs is an artist who is passionate about creating what she calls “dynamic emotionally-vibrant live music”, in other words magic in every detail from beginning to end.

She later chose after a Melodifestivalen participation with the pop group Love Generation in 2011 and a world tour with Stockholm Syndrome, to run solo.

With neither manager nor record label, she has performed everywhere from clubs in China to New York and Way Out West.

“Locked into you” is one of her 6 singles which was also released last year and since then the acclaimed artist soul has taken a step back to write her debut album for this year.

Together we now get to experience her dynamic emotionally-swell-live performance with secret, well-known guest artists! Because great things should be done more than once.

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Music | The artists take over and launch new music concept at Tap Room Kungsholmen