The art of form evil men, drug rehabilitation, open relationships and much more on our scenes this fall!

By on June 9, 2017

Soon summer is here with holidays and vacations! We at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern would like to extend that feeling by making sure to flag a little for everything exciting happening among us in the gap between the summer and autumn!

In mid August and early September it is time for several newcomers; We have the success musical Billy Elliot (19/8), Nattorienterarna with the radar couple Meta Velander and Yvonne Lombard (2/9) and Astrid Lindgren’s beloved sago classic Mio my Mio (2/9) and more performances of the critically acclaimed play Bortförd vid midnatt with Gunilla Röör in the lead role.

As of August 25th, the Swedish premiere of the meta play A little calm before the storm of German Theresia Walser (Dictator’s wives, among others). A satire about acting art, the theater and the present. Three actors who all formed evil men on stage; Hitler and Goebbels, make up who is the greatest formator. In the roles of the three competing men we see Sven Ahlström, Dan Ekborg and Robert Fux. Under the direction of Dennis Sandin, whose debut at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Dylansällskapet in the fall of 2016, became a big success.

September 29 is the premiere of Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf, Edward Albee’s classic under the direction of Tommy Berggren. Lena Olin makes her comeback on the theater scene after 25 years and plays against Peter Andersson, Henrik Norlén and Josefin Ljungman in the other roles.

September 30th, we open the doors to the Little Stage for an extraordinary play that made great success at the first performance at the National Theater in London, People, Places and Things by Duncan MacMillan, directed by Andres Lima, Spanish theater and film director with world-famous. A smart, shaking and humorous play about navigating in our resolved contemporary. Actress Emma, played by star-studded Sandra Huldt (Respect me now, Jag tror på dig Anita), is drawn into a spiral of drugs until no other resort exists than treatment homes and a 12-step program. The scene shifts between both club environments and rehab, with music composed by Nick Powell. On stage there is a fantastic ensemble, where we see Per Sandberg, Pablo Leiva Wenger, Gunilla Röör, Fredrik Lycke, Ann-Sofie Rase, Alma Pöysti, Daniel Nyström and Leonard Terfelt.

We start October with the first performance of Skillnadernas Stockholm (6/10), a performance based on research reports on the very different living conditions of Stockholm, by Ellen Lamm (Det blåser på månen). Later in October, it is Scandinavian premier for Florian Zeller’s comedy Sanningen directed by Helena Bergström (27/10). A smart and tickling comedy about what truth means in a love relationship, which has been very successful both in London and Paris. In the ensemble we see Sven Ahlström, Helena af Sandeberg, Emil Almén and Anja Lundqvist.

Director and Choreographer Fredrik Benke Rydman starts his residence at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with Because I’m worth it (28/10) a story about couples relationships, sex drive and love in an open relationship. It will be the first of several sets in the border between dance and theater. In the roles we see Rennie Mirro, Sandra Medina, Piotr Giro, David Dalmo, Emelie Jonsson and Lisette Pagler.

We wish you a wonderful summer and well met in the fall!

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