The American Bar at Savoy will be visiting the Swing by Golf Bar on September 27

By on September 14, 2019
Luca & Andrea from The American Bar at Savoy visit Stockholm on September 27th

The American Bar at Savoy is on the bucket list of most cocktail fans. Swing’s management was there last spring and became inspired and then created the contact that now led to a reversed reunion.

The time 16.00 – 00.00 Friday 27th September 2019 Luca & Andrea from The American Bar come to visit to shake cocktails on Surbrunnsgatan 46, it will be both classic and exciting news.

It was at Savoy that the legendary Harry Craddock (1876-1963) worked. In 1930 he published his first and only book that is still a bible for many bartenders, The Savoy Cocktail Book. Born in Gloucestershire, England, he moved to the United States in the early 1900s to feed himself as a bartender.

When the prohibition period hit full force in 1920 throughout the United States, he moved back to England & London. There he later became the barmaster of The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel. When he collected his and the world’s very best and most famous cocktail recipes in a book and had it illustrated by charming art deco illustrations, the success and the historical book were a fact.

Now two of Harry’s many heirs at the Savoy Hotel come to Stockholm, don’t miss this!

Craddock’s Hints for the Young Mixer

  1. Ice is nearly always an absolute essential for any cocktail
  2. Never use the same ice twice
  3. Remember that the ingredients mix better in a shaker rather larger than is necessary to contain them
  4. Shake the shaker as hard as you can; don’t just rock it; you are trying to wake it up, not send it to sleep!
  5. If possible, ice your glasses before using them
  6. Drink your cocktail as soon as possible

Drink | The American Bar at Savoy will be visiting the Swing by Golf Bar on September 27