Texts and music without a red thread with Kalle Haglund

By on October 13, 2018
Sören Vilks

Kalle Haglund is a rare hybrid of humor, theater, music and poetic narrative. Now he presents his performance Text and music, a blissful collection of text-based creations without a red thread, in Lejonkulan’s foyer, Dramaten. Premiere November 15th.

In Kalle Haglund’s world, a humorous melancholy is sampled with an analytical kitchen table philosophy. According to himself, you become stupid in the head of too much doubt. When he weaves everyday views with great life issues, he invites the audience to his very own place in the Swedish humortal tradition.

Kalle Haglund has previously made a fool of himself, been unhappy in love and written a script to the film Lycka till och ta hand om varandra. He has bowled on the track next to the Millencolin rock group as well as written and presented the performance Vem har lurat barnen together with the artist Laleh. He has spent a lot of time in playgrounds and together with musician Markus Jägerstedt made the performance Lätt autistiska särintressen. He has doubted a lot, during the ice age won SM in Poetry Slam as well as made the two solo shows Och den stora skogen and Med ockulta föreställningar. With melancholy, charm and thoughtful humor, he is a very acclaimed entertainer.

Text and music by Kalle Haglund, premiere November 15, Lejonkulan’s foyer. The Foajé bar is open during the evening.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm