Testimony from World War II brought on to the next generations in The last witnesses

By on January 31, 2017

Older actor meets a young audience, while Svetlana Aleksijevitjs The last witnesses are set up in Ulla Kassius directing on Young Royal Dramatic Theatre.

“We are the last witnesses, our time runs out. We are obliged to speak … “

Ahead of her book The last witnesses searched Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich up survivors who were children during World War II in the former Soviet Union. She asked them to talk about their time during the war. This was a hundred documentary stories, children’s testimony, memories of life during the war.

Of these stories have Young Royal Dramatic made a performance for children from 11 years. Here meet children audience some of Royal Dramatic’s older actor who narrates the memories of a time when the war witnesses were the same age as our audience today.

For the idea and directed stands Ulla Kassius. She has worked as a freelance set designer for more than 40 years, including at Backa Theatre in Gothenburg, where she along with Mattias Andersson made a series of acclaimed performances for children and young adults, as Crime and Punishment, Lille Kung Mattias and Utopia. She has previously directed the Paper Gods of Aleksander Motturi (2011) for children and adults on Angered theater and the premiere of John Cassavetes on moment: the theater (2016).

Tickets go on sale shortly.

Premiere, April 7, Tower Room

Direction and scenography: Ulla Kassius
Costume: Moa Möller
Light: Charlie Åström
Mask: Kjell Gustavsson
Sound: Johan Bengtsson

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