Tenth season of Free scene

By on January 11, 2017

Culture City Theatre’s successful cooperation with the country’s independent theater under the name Free scene continues and can now present its tenth season! In spring 2017 comes nine different performances to play at Free scene. Three world premieres including Jeremiah Terminator about the young author genius JT LeRoy, and among the six guest performance is it Stockholm premiere for a Swedish-Iranian co-production: Cracks in the light, Ögonblicks Theatre’s acclaimed show The guys with music by Min Stora Sorg and The arrival, based on a book by Oscar-winning writer Shaun Tan.

– I’m very proud that we are now in our tenth season with the Free scene. Free scene attracts an audience with amazing mix. Both free groups own audience and our more traditional municipal theater audiences have found here, says Olof Hanson, artistic director of Free scene Culture City Theatre.

First out in spring is Ensembleverket , this time with newly written Night walks in the underworld – A musical comedy about wandering souls. Script, direction and lyrics Jacob Hirdwall. First performance January 14, 2017 in cooperation with the House of Dreams in Rosengård in Malmö. Ensembleverket an independent theater that focuses on contemporary current, self-produced new plays where the boundaries between voice, dance and musical theater is erased.

Paula McManus follows up with the Psych ER More Deluxigare – a performance that solves problem. The audience contribute anonymously by, in advance, write down the real problems of their lives. A licensed psychotherapist and four actors then do everything for the audience to get a little wiser and feel less alone. On stage, among others, Olle Sarri. Premiere 25 January 2017.

Spring’s third premiere is Teateris The arrival based on a book by Oscar-winning writer Shaun Tan. Directs makes Thaddeus Phillips, known for having directed several off-Broadway performances. Premiere February 15, 2017. Teateri is Jönköping County only free professional children and youth theater.

On March 1 comes Ögonblicks Theatre’s acclaimed performance The guys about male friendship after the death of macho culture with music by Min Stora Sorg to Free scene. Written and directed by Johanna Salander.

I’m her (e) – A story about the new girls’ room by PotatoPotato gets premiere March 15, 2017. I’m her (e) is a humorous existential idea where we follow Aras outer and inner journey of the new girls’ roomYoutube World, the physical girls’ room and the inner, mental room. Girls’ Room has long been secret and mystified in art but now the girls’ room has become publicly and the interest in what is going on there and the girls’ perspectives and stories is suddenly enormously.

Theatre Tamauers acclaimed set of Lena Anderssons Without personal responsibility comes to Free scene with premiere March 23, 2017.

JT LeRoy, the young author genius with fluid gender identity who seduced and touched a whole world in the early 2000s, is the main protagonist in hi! arts (Helena Sandström Cruz and Isabel Cruz Liljegren) new performance Jeremiah Terminator. In the performance Jeremiah Terminator is woven documentary interviews with people from Stockholm queer community, together with a physical form by JT Leroy’s various personas. It is an evocative piece of pop history about identity and artistry, on the border between dream and reality. First performance at the Free scene 8 April 2017.

The penultimate premiere is Cracks in the light – a Swedish-Iranian co-production which would have had its first performance at Tehran’s City Theater last year, but was canceled at the last second. The play is written by Nasim Barghashi and is an existential drama about six different life stories: a hidden refugee family, a middle class couple in middle age and a little girl. The story takes place in an apartment somewhere in Western Europe. Directs does Javad Atefeh that with this makes his first set outside Iran. Premiere April 27, 2017. Performed in Swedish and Persian, as well as with subtitles.

Eating and retainConfessions of a crossroads written and directed by Mattias Knave is spring’s last performance at the Free scene. Eat and retain is a piece for singing actor and actress orchestra drilling into the ambivalence and twist and turn the prospects beyond recognition. A personal dive into the split. First performance May 5

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