Ten tips for bathing safely this summer

By on July 13, 2017

Now in the summer there are many who think it is fun to swim and be close to water. At the same time, it is easy to overestimate its ability.1177 The health guide has tips and advice to avoid drowning accidents.

Drowning accidents can occur in all places where there is water, for example in baths, lakes, puddles, pools or on the open sea.

Here are 10 things you can think about to increase the safety of bathing or other water activities:

1. Everyone should learn to swim. It may be good to start practicing from four to five years, but it’s never too late to learn.

2. Water and alcohol or drugs do not belong. Half of all drowning accidents occur under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3. Have children wear life jackets or rescue jackets when playing near water and on jetty. It’s also a good idea to have life jacket if you are an adult and can not swim.

4. Do not go away anymore than you can grabbing the child or the person who can not swim. Children younger than two to three years should be at a gripping distance.

5. Be sure to follow the rules for pools and basins, drain the water out of small removable toddler pools when not in use.

6. Never bathe alone if you can not swim.

7. Swim always along the beach rather than outwards.

8. Never jump or dive in unknown water and never swim under jetty and takeoff.

9. Never barge someone into the water

10. Never hold anyone under the water.

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