Tella Viv releases brand new EP “Happy Doomsday”

By on May 20, 2018
Taken by fellow musician Linn Koch-Emmery

Tella Viv are a Swedish indie quartet made up of members Carl Hjelm (Vocals), Benjamin Lavén (Guitar), Marcus Lindblom (Bass) and Fredric Lindblom (Drums).

Already established on the Swedish indie scene, they are now releasing their third EP to date, called ‘Happy Doomsday’, the result of a year spent in the studio recording new music.

Packed with surf, 50s pastiches and new wave-clinging synthesizers, their songs link the Cold War era’s fear of atom bombs with more profound themes such as attachment issues and separation.

Release party and live premiere of Tella Viv’s new EP “Happy Doomsday”. Free entrance * DJ:s VERO * Tella Viv live on stage 21.00 – Wednesday, May 23rd at Obaren.

Musicians on stage: Marcus & Fredric Lindblom, Rebecka Isberg, Benjamin Lavén & Carl Hjelm.

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