Tanja Lorentzon back with Mormors svarta ögon

By on June 28, 2017

Two success sets return to the repertoire in August. On August 25th, Tanja Lorentzon sets on the Little stage with the autobiographical monologue Mormors svarta ögon, as part of the program for the 100th Anniversary of Finland. On August 26th, it is a new premier for Eirik Stubø’s praised set of Noréns Och ge oss skuggorna, which in September go on tour to China.

Mormors svarta ögon, new premiere August 25, Little stage

“Lavishly cheeky and fun, full of obstinacy against narrowness and with wonderful outbursts of crazy Finnish tango. It is a pioneer effort Tanja Lorentzon does. A similar piece has never been played on Dramaten.” (DN)

“A big little debut. For 90 minutes, she waves the audience” (SvD)
“An as anxious as a strong piece of recent history”

Tanja Lorentzons monologue about herself, her mother and her grandmother made success when it was premier 2010. Now it returns to the repertoire. A personal, humorous and touching view of three-generation different situations. To live during the war, to move to a new country and to speak a language other than their relatives.

Tumba 1981. “I’m called Finnen, Finnpajsarn, Finnjävel. People are playing full pimples for me, and for what benefit? I’m just a cheat finn who can not even Finnish. What does it matter to us that we have switched to a Swedish surname as long as my name is Tanja in the first name?”.

Sweden 1963. Mirjam’s daughter Terttu, her husband and children, has come to Sweden with the great labor migration. “How long shall we stay? We are fine here. You have to start speaking Swedish! You must stop saying that we will move back when we never do it! “

Finland 1939 during the winter war. Mirjam tries to survive with her two children in the house in the middle of the woods and longs for her husband. Will he come to Christmas?

By and with: Tanja Lorentzon
Person directing: Lotta Tejle

Included in the program for Finland 100 years, which marks that Finland became an independent state on December 6, 1917.

Och ge oss skuggorna, new premiere August 26, The Main Stage

“It’s breathlessly, it’s grandiose. It’s Dramaten history.” SvD
“A strong, enjoyable and unpleasant set”
“We meet a delicious ensemble.”
“Dramaten Theater at its best”

No play is more associated with Dramaten than Eugene O’Neill’s autobiographical Lång dags färd mot natt, which got a legendary first performance on the main stage 1956 and was testified to the theater by the author. Och ge oss skuggorna is Lars Norén’s play about Nobel Prize winner O’Neill, the writing and loneliness.
The family drama takes place on a october day 1949 in Eugene O’Neill’s house on the Atlantic coast. The author celebrates birthday together with his two grown sons from two different relationships and his new wife. The mother and the sons live in the shadow of the literary giant, Nobel prize-winning and exalted, but anxious and afflicted. His great masterpiece has not yet reached his audience.

Och ge oss skuggorna had its first performance at Dramaten 1991. Now it’s back in a whole new set on the main stage with Örjan Ramberg and Lena Endre like Eugene O’Neill and his wife Carlotta and Thomas Hanzon and Erik Ehn as O’Neill’s sons. Director: Eirik Stubø.

During September tours Och ge oss skuggorna. On September 7-9 visits the National Center of the Performing Arts in Beijing and the 14th to 15th of September Shanghai Oriental Arts Center in Shanghai.