Tambur launches pedestal in massive white-stained deal

By on July 9, 2017

The interior design shop Tambur now extends its own collection with the pedestal Furan in solid deal. The pedestal is manufactured by skilled craftsmen at Unnaryds Snickeri in Småland.

– It’s easy to feel the craftsmanship when you pull your hand across the edges of the podium, where each corner forms a distinct but comfortable edge, says Tambur’s founder Anders Widegren, and continues:

– After countless requests from customers about a nice pedestal, we contacted Anders Holmberg at Unnaryds Snickeri, who already manufactures other products in the Tambur Collection. Before we contacted the carpentry we had at Tambur sketched a simple construction in our opinion and wondered if they could make it. But it turned out more complicated than we thought to manufacture the pedestal with the finish and quality we wanted.

– Producing a square wooden box can seem simple, but you should know that wood is a material that moves depending on humidity and constantly tries to” get even. ” Between summer and winter it can differ as much as 10mm at 1000mm. Getting all the splices dense and even with a good finish was a challenge in itself. For this particular product, we had to develop a special milling tool. – Anders Holmberg, Unnaryds Snickeri

The pedestals are available in two heights and can be used for everything from flower pots and vases, sculptures, and other ornaments.

Store prices
Piedestal Furan H 40 cm, 990 kr
Piedestal Furan H 80 cm, 1200 kr

Photographer: Sebastian Bergström

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