Takida back on Grönan for the third time

By on March 7, 2018

They won the Swedish people’s hearts with the “Curly Sue” rock ballad and since then, have consolidated their position as one of the country’s premier rock bands. They have played at Gröna Lund twice before, but now it was four years since last. On September 14th, when the late summer evening settled over the carousels, we welcome Takida to the Big Stage for the third time.

Since their second album “Bury The Lies” was released in 2007, Takida has proved that they are one of Sweden’s best rock bands here to stay. The album sold platinum and the single “Curly Sue” was on Track List for 50 weeks. Third album “The Darker Instinct” sold gold only four days after it was released and the next album “The Burning Heart” from 2012 went straight to the top of the Swedish album list, where the single “You Learn” in the writing moment streamed over 32 million times. Their latest album “A Perfect World” came in 2016 and, according to themselves, is their best so far. September 14th at 20.00 we will welcome Takida to the Gröna Lunds Big Stage for the third time.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm