By on February 12, 2019

What happens if you put two of Sweden’s largest rock bands on the same scene during the same evening? This summer we will get the answer when Takida and Stiftelsen goes on a joint and exclusive tour with three stops.

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Together, they beat audience records at the renowned Dalhalla in July 2017. Now Takida and Stiftelsen goes together for three exclusive concerts in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö until the summer.

Takida rose to the next level of career as they released the latest album “A Perfect World”. Since the breakthrough in 2007 with the super hit “Curly Sue”, the band has played in front of crowded arenas. This summer, the single “Master” came as one of the band’s biggest hits. The song is today on top lists both in Sweden and abroad.

The sister band Stiftelsen is keeping pace. The band is currently working on new music and a taste of this is expected to come in the spring. The title of their latest single fits perfectly as a transition from a grandiose 2018: “Vi Gör Det Igen”.

In July we again see two of Sweden’s most beloved rock bands go together to give the audience an experience with extra everything. Three cities, three evenings, three stops.

4/7 – Skansen, Stockholm
5/7 – Folkets Park, Malmö
6/7 – Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Djurgården