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By on January 10, 2017

TakeOver Sweden tour, which is run by Linn Söderström and Lisa Lönner Pulkkinen, takes over Pontus Frithiofs Pocket City in a whole month 25 / 1-18 / 2. It will be an eventful program with everything from guest chefs, theme days and theme weeks, as well as classics from the tour in 2016 – always women in the hatch. During these weeks guests are served food by name as Marie Skogström, Titti Qvarnström, Sofia B Ohlson and many more chefs from the network. A genuine girl chef restaurant in the city for the first time.

During the whole month the restaurant is open Wednesday-Saturday with TakeOver cooks in the kitchen every night. Takeover- restaurant serves medium-sized dishes that can be eaten either three- or five-course menu, or as bar menu. In addition to those who create menus works many cooks from the network in the kitchen. It will be the largest show of women’s chef skills so far. Here is the preliminary program (are subject to change):

Wednesday, January 25 – Thursday, January 26 – the Best of TakeOver Sweden tour

New dishes and favorites from every stop on the tour in 2016, which visited Ekstedt, Bloom in the Park, Koka, Pontus Atelier23, Taste of Stockholm pop up, and Gold Awards.

Friday, January 27 – Saturday, January 28 – Bloom in the Park visit Stockholm

The restaurant which is run by Sweden’s first woman with a Michelin star, Titti Qvarnström, creates dishes inspired by Bloom in the Park on TakeOver Pocket led by Tittis chef Nicolina Karlsson. Tittis common themeExpect the unexpectedis the slogan.

Wednesday, February 1 – Saturday, February 4 – Modern cold buffet classics

Milana Seppänen and Frida Lindh from Eriksberg catering on Östermalm create a menu with their interpretations of classic dishes from the cold buffet. Previously, they worked at including the Grand Hôtel, Operakällaren and Berns.

Wednesday, February 8 – Marie Skogström, themed menu

Thursday, February 9 – Sofia B Ohlson, themed menu VrÅ

Friday, February 10 – TBA

Saturday, February 11 – TBA

Wednesday, February 15Saturday, February 18 Mistress Lisa Goes Stureplan

TakeOver Pocket City is open Wednesday-Saturday 17-22 from 25 / 1-18 / 2, and replaces Pocket City. Pocket City-lunch are made by Pontus Group as usual. How to book table:

Phone: 08 545 27 300

E-mail: pocketcity@pontusfrithiof.com

Website: www.pontusfrithiof.com

A vegan menu is available throughout the period, created by Linn Söderström, please pre-book.

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