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  • Pippi makes an entrance on Junibacken

    In the performance Pippi moves in, the audience can experience the first meeting between Pippi, Tommy and Annika, a meeting that will change them forever. Two siblings from a safe core family meet a single and newly...

    • Posted June 6, 2018
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  • Pippi moves into Junibacken

    Junibacken at Djurgården in Stockholm has signed an agreement with Astrid Lindgren Aktiebolag. This means that the Juniback has already to early summer pulled up the curtain of the theater premiere in Villa Villekulla with Pippi in...

    • Posted April 4, 2018
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  • Theater Premiere at Junibacken

    Junibacken places an increasing focus on children’s theater. The idea is that the theater will stimulate both children and adults to read more. As part of an ongoing development process, one wants to be challenged, and therefore...

    • Posted September 20, 2017
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  • World secret at Junibacken this summer

    Summer holiday stands for the door and on June 26, summer programs start – inside as well as outside. And there are several news for the visitors. The lush garden is bigger with space for slide, balancing...

    • Posted June 19, 2017
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  • Premiere of the new play Sparvel

    It is wonderful to be five years! But that can be horrible too. Sometimes. And just as that is our idea of Sparvel. Up and down, back and forth. Just like life. Just in time for the...

    • Posted April 10, 2017
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  • Premiere for Barbro Lindgren at Junibacken

    Loranga, Max, Vilda bebin and Dollan. All are they children’s book characters which is loved by children and adults alike. And all are created by one of the greatest children’s authors – Barbro Lindgren. On April 7...

    • Posted March 12, 2017
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  • Rocky has moved in on The Museum of Spirits

    Rocky On The Museum Of Spirits 11 February to 29 October 2017 As Rocky moved in on The Museum of Spirits is it with furniture and everything. In the wagon has he brought with him as well the...

    • Posted February 13, 2017
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  • Junibacken want to arouse children’s interest in reading

    On February 14, starts Junibacken a writing course for children between 10 and 12 years. During four occasions in spring gets the children to learn the basics of how to build a story and how to catch...

    • Posted January 28, 2017
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  • Local | LasseMaja takes place on the stage

    How wonderful it would be to get yourself to be part of a play? And especially when you’re a little kid and it’s all about with their parents to be with and solve an exciting mystery! Today...

    • Posted June 27, 2016
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  • Local | Junibacken opens new exhibition game at Arlanda

    For many years has Junibacken collaboration with Swedavia Arlanda, where Junibacken gilded life for all traveling children with playgrounds. On April 26, a new play environment opens at Terminal 5, which is very reminiscent of Junibackens Sago...

    • Posted April 21, 2016
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