Taco Bar opens restaurant in Sundbyberg

By on March 12, 2017

Taco Bar opens restaurant in Sundbyberg with newly developed menu!

– Long has Sundbyberg been a white spot on the map when it comes to Tex Mex restaurants. We are very pleased and excited about our establishment in Sundbyberg, a municipality that is strongly on the rise with great expansion. The restaurant on Highway 69, will have about 80 seats inside and a nice outdoor seating in the summer, says Lars Callebro CEO of Swedish Taco Bar.

– Beluga caviar, foie gras and sweetbread in all its glory. Sometimes is nachos, tacos and enchilada the world’s tastiest dishes we think. For some time now has Taco Bar tested an advanced menu, table reservations and table service with successful results in several locations. Guests appreciate the evenings to sit down to order Tex-Mex food and be served directly at the table. If you wish to order the “usual” front in cash so you can obviously do.

– I am very happy that I got confidence from Taco Bar‘s side to serve the new menu with appurtenant table order here in Sundbyberg, it will be exciting! Everything is based on the love of TexMex and we want to deliver a dining experience you can not get at home, says Dilaver Durak who along with his business partner Rami Abiad opens the new restaurant.

About the menu:
The menu consists of New Starters that includes BBQ & Habanero Marinated Chicken Wings with dips and appetizer plates as “appertizer platter” which can be shared on multiple people.

Larger mains like BBQ Chuck Roll Fajitas which are Grain Feed chuck steak which been smoked for 22 hours over hickory wood for perfection and Pulled Chicken Fajitas made with Swedish chicken fillet mixed with BBQ sauce after it been smoked for 5 hours, is also something that will be on the menu.

Or a big cowboy dinner that breathes BBQ straight through with shredded beef, BBQ ribs and chicken wings with every conceivable accessory that fresh salsa, guacamole, nachos, pickled red onions, tortillas and much more.

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