T-shirts are back

By on April 26, 2017

Sweden’s first SKA band, T-SHIRTS, has recorded new material and in September the result comes in the form of a 7 inch vinyl. This will be the first release since the early 1980s! But already in May you will be able to hear the new songs live on the record company AMTY records SKA evening in Stockholm.

It’s been two years since T-shirts made comeback on the Stockholm scene, a few gigs have been made with the old 80’s repertoire. But now T-shirts have gone into the studio again and recorded some new songs.

– We received a request from AMTY that they want to give us out. They had seen us on one of our gigs and they thought that T-shirts would fit their label. We had nothing unreleased, so we decided to write each new song, says Bie Karlsson.

Two of these will come later this year, on vinyl singles as it is a real 80’s band! And for anyone who does not own a vinyl player, the single will be released on both Spotify and Itunes.

A preview of the new songs is available at AMTY’s SKA and Northern soul evening at Kings Table in Stockholm May 6th. In addition to T-shirts, Liptones and That driving beat also play.

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It was in the early 80’s that the T-shirts band had its greatest successes. The hitlist songs Walk on Water and I’m the Television went warm on the radio and with tour and tv recordings as a result. Frictions in the band and fight’s about music style and copyright meant that T-shirts eventually dropped. Everyone, except to the singer Jon Hammer continued in the music in different ways.

The 2017 edition of T-shirts consists of the original members Anders Engström, bass; Bie Karlsson, song and guitar, Pelle Nordwall, drums and new addition, the young Ludde Lorentz on keyboard, saxophone and song.

AMTY Records

Amty – A message to you, is an independent record company and concert and club organizer specializing in Ska, Reggae, Punk, Oi and Northern soul. AMTY has digital and physical distribution (mainly vinyl) worldwide.

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