Swiftr – 11 Vasastan Gym is part of a new digital training card

By on April 21, 2017

Gym training, pole dance, outdoor training, martial arts, dance, EMS and yoga are some of the types of training collected under a digital training card that the new training program Swiftr offers all Vasastans residents. Eleven independent training studios in the district offer Swiftr members a varied workout at quality gym.

The new training portal Swiftr is Sweden’s largest digital training card that is offering training in independent gyms, studios and facilities. In Vasastan has 11 different training studios joined: Allstars Training Center, Acid Training, World Class Vasastan, True Workout, Ruffie Training, Olympia Martial Arts Center, E2elements, Stockholm Danceconnection, Smögen Spa, X-Shape Fitness and Studio Dancing Queen. Throughout the Stockholm area, close to 60 facilities are connected, which gives inner city residents a wide range of options even in nearby districts.

Swiftr is founded by Stockholm residents Johanna Sjögren and Fanny Sjöström. The health profile Fredrik Paulún came last fall in the team as a partner, and active in the team.

– Swiftr allows varied workouts, which are both gentle to the body and provide better training results than if you do the same exercises year out and year in. In addition, the brain is good at trying new things. We want everyone in Sweden to have access to variation through efficient and fun workouts of high quality. Our ambition is that we will continue to grow and continuously offer our users more and more gyms and choices, says Fredrik Paulún, partner and co-operative at Swiftr.

Every workout’s can be booked directly in Swiftr’s membership portal. There is also a wide range of drop-in training where you can exercise in the gym whenever your desire is. The gyms included in Swiftr’s network are all selected and meet the demands of quality, pleasant facilities and trained staff. Membership is available in two different levels and is completely free of commitment or registration fee.

Swiftr is Sweden’s largest digital training card where close to 90 independent gyms and training studios in and around Sweden’s major cities offer their offer to Swiftr’s members. Members have over 40 different types of training in eight different cities to choose from.

Member levels and prices:
Unlimited number of training sessions. 990 kr/month
5 training sessions a month. 490 kr/month
* No bonding time, no registration fee applies to all memberships.

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