Swedish wine on export – from Högberga Vinfabrik

By on September 15, 2017

Swedish-produced wines arouses curiosity even abroad. Högberga Vinfabrik at Lidingö, which harvests grapes in Tuscany and produces high quality wines on Swedish soil, today exports its wines back to Italy.

Högberga Gård’s own-produced red wine is also estimated outside the country’s borders. Since three years back it is sold not only in Sweden but is also exported back to the origins of the grapes, in Tuscany, Italy.

– When we started with our own wine production, the Italians wondered where we had our farm and when we told we were going home to Sweden with the grapes and making wine there they thought we were completely mad. But then, we proved that we intended to produce very good wines. And today there are three top taverns in Tuscany that buy back the wine. This proves both that it goes excellent to make tasty wines in Sweden and that we at Högberga Vinfabrik are fairly good to make good wine. It is simply time to take Swedish wines seriously, says Johan Zälle, wine maker and founder of Högberga Vinfabrik.

The wine is exported to the taverns: Restaurante IL FANTA in Gavvorano, Trettoria DA GHIGO in Marremano and N11 Fiaschetteria rural popolare in Scansano. They serve predominantly Italian wines, some selected French champagnes and so the Swedish-Tuscan wine from Lidingö; Högberga Blend, Högberga San and Högberga Merlot.

– We are, of course, very happy that we can export back, albeit on a small scale. When we started in 2004 in grandma’s garage we had a dream image of a wine and now we have managed to create it. A wine blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and elements of Sangiovese, says Zälle.

Högberga Vinfabrik has maintained a high rate of development throughout the years and now the 2017 harvest is expected. Due to the dry and warm climate, the harvest has been timed and in early September the wine makers travel to Tuscany to pick 10 tonnes of new grapes. At the same time, Sweden’s first wine-maker training, a collaboration between Högberga Vinfabrik and Scandinavian Wine Academy, Vinkällan, is initiated – a one-year education that provides the practical and theoretical knowledge required to drive their own wines. In addition, we try to grow grapes directly on Swedish soil.

– Last year we planted 31 plants Pinot Noir in the garden at Högberga Gård, and now we have put another 30 plants of the Solaris grape, a green grape that will be our first white wine. But it will take 4-5 years to go before it becomes any drink, so we may have patient and continue to do the best we can, concludes Johan Zälle.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Lidingö