Swedish tax decision boosts the game of golf

By on January 17, 2018

The Swedish tax agency (IRS) decided on Monday the 15th of January that playing golf should be considered as healthcare and should therefore be a tax-free benefit. 

The decision was taken in the supreme court and the ruling gives an employer the possibility to offer his employees tax-free benefits when playing golf. Previously, golf have not been included in the healthcare program because it has not been classified as a simpler form of exercise and it required more expensive equipment then other sports.

As for golfers in Sweden this opens up new doors to attract more and new people to the game.

– This is great news both for us as a fast growing golf company and for golf in general, says Johan Mihkelson Ringqvist, owner and founder of Ekholmsnäs Golf Club and partner of Florida based company GolfGate, LLC. Our goal is set on reaching 35 000 members in Q3, 2018. This gives us a possibility to aim even higher.

Ekholmsnäs Golf Club outside Stockholm is today Sweden’s, and the worlds, largest golf club, by members count, with 22 500 members. It holds almost 5% of the Swedish market on golf members. Sweden has ha total of 500 000 golfers which makes it one of the largest golf country’s in the world.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Lidingö