Swedish politicians and decision-makers chose Quicab

By on July 23, 2018

The political festival called ’Almedalen’ on the Swedish island of Gotland is regarded as one of the world’s most democratic venues. Even though visiting politicians, philanthropists and other influential people normally do not agree on most things, 2018 was the year that seemed to get the participants to reach total agreement on one thing.

Sweden’s new electric pedicab – Quicab – was transported to Gotland with the assistance of the fast train operator MTR Express to offer visitors comfortable transit between meetings and presentations. The interest in Quicab spread quickly and it became immediately popular and sought after. Quicab was seen as the most interesting vehicle developed for transporting people in city centers. With the speed of their happy tweets and selfies in social media, decision-makers rode comfortably in the Quicab.

”Sitting face to face like in a limousine provides an exclusive and time efficient journey where it’s possible to discuss important issues”, a Swedish parliamentarian pointed out.

Spokespersons from WWF, Chief City Planners and philanthropist entrepreneurs saw possibilities at once. Immediate business proposals were presented where Quicab would play an important part in mobility solutions and the integration of immigrants looking for employment opportunities.

Naturally, the originator behind Quicab took the opportunity to chauffeur the Quicab during the whole week on Gotland in order to make valuable acquaintances. ”We are incredibly honored and proud of getting so much attention from Sweden’s policitians and philanthropists”, said Eric Zinn.

Sweden’s Minister of the Environment Karolina Skog gave Quicab a great review by using it several times.

Johan Trouvé, CEO of the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, appreciated the pilot-like experience behind the levers of the electric tractor bike. He was even more proud of the fact that this innovation originates from West Sweden.

Helena Olofsson, Travel