Swedish innovative visualizers wec360° in collaboration

By on June 19, 2018

Swedish innovative visualizers wec360° in collaboration, augmenting the Polar Music Prize experience!

Swedish tech enterprise wec360° has provided a Virtual Reality visualization, augmenting the experience of the Polar Music Prize, an international music prize celebrating the power and importance of music, this year awarded to Metallica and Dr Ahmad Sarmast and The Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

With a firm position in the real estate industry, dominating the market for prop tech in Sweden, tech innovators wec360° like to step out of the comfort zone to challenge its’ own ability to develop strong visualization concepts in exciting projects pushing the human experience forward.

We are very happy and excited over this collaboration with wec360°, says Marie Ledin, CEO of the Polar Music Prize. One of the foundations of the Polar Music Prize is to facilitate the crossing of musical borders and I think that we have reached a common goal in a new way of looking at the concept of the human artistic experience, that we think represents the future.

As experience experts having their hearts deeply rooted in music, what better way to try its’ wings than providing a visualization enhancing the public experience of one of the greatest music awards in the world, the Polar Music Prize, founded in 1989. With cutting edge technology providing experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, wec360° is no stranger to musical cooperation having previously worked with Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden and Swedish icons Håkan Hellström, Kent, Lars Winnerbäck and others.

– Our primary mission is to enhance human experiences and there is no artistic expression having a stronger influence on people than music, so it is kind of a natural field for us to develop and learn from in exciting projects, says Mattias von Corswant, founder of wec360°. Being big fans of the Polar Music Prize and not least Metallica, this is an opportunity that we feel very much blessed to be invited to. We are most thankful to be a part and hope that everyone enjoys the presentation.

To see the Virtual Reality experience of the Polar Music Prize, take a look here: https://polarmusicprize.wec360.com/

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