Swedish duo Total Ape Re-Emerge with “In A Haze”

By on June 9, 2018

Some music makes you go wild. Other music makes you turn up. Swedish artist and production duo Total Ape — Pär Almkvist and August Vinberg — might just make you go ape. The duo re-emerge with alluring new single, ‘In a Haze’.

To accompany the infectious audio, the duo have released a video detailing a world full of vibrant hues, dripping in diamonds, disguised as reality. Gaudy is the name of the game in Total Ape’s ‘In a Haze’ – we are introduced to the modern-day, virtual material girl, one twisted in topaz, cloaked in chains, with nothing but a pair of pumps to cover her. The visual is a perfect marriage of sight & sound, capturing the blasé behavior of our protagonist against the hypnotic hook laid in each chorus.

After first listen, lyrics like ‘spread your wings & I’ll teach you how to fly’ feel more within reach than ever.

‘In A Haze’ is out now on Warner Bros. Records.

Listen to Total Ape and “In A Haze” here »

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