Swedish artist writes digital memoar book

By on May 26, 2017

The Swedish artist Therése Neaimé releases her newly written life story at the digital memorial service Writelin. Read about her long and crooked journey that includes everything from bullying at school, elite investment in athletics, the Middle East success career and gigs with world artists.

Just before mother’s day, the single “Att Få Låna Dig En Stund” is also released via Universal Music Sweden.

“Att Få Låna Dig En Stund” is a tribute to Therése’s mother who passed away only 53 years old. The song is a reminder of how important it is to never forget and keep fighting for what you believe in. To bringing further the memory of the one who lived so that no one has lived in vain.

Therése Neaimé is an artist, dancer, songwriter and runs her own record label. She has worked in the music industry for over 20 years. Therése is an established artist and a major model for women in the Middle East. She has also had hits in the United States, Sweden and the rest of Europe.

“Nothing is impossible,” says Therése, making her own summary short by saying, “I’m the girl who could not sing and opened one day for Simply Red in the big arenas around Europe.”

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