Sweden’s uncrowned kings Mad Kings interpret Guetta & Bieber

By on July 16, 2017

Mad Kings are the uncrowned kings from the norrländska forests. After the debut with their interpretation on “Issues”, it is now time for an acoustic version of the giant hot “2U”. The original presented by David Guetta and Justin Bieber is still at the top of the lists all over the world. However, it is somewhat more electronic and may not work as well as Mad King’s interpretation of the song for dinner party.

– It felt like an exciting challenge to redo and place a song by Justin Bieber and one of the world’s biggest DJs in front of campfire this summer, the guys answer the question as to why they chose to interpret just “2U”.

Christian Holmström, Markus Lidén, Jesper Jakobson and David Ahlström, the guys behind the band Mad Kings are currently in the studio and are sharpens their own products. Until they are completely done with their own hits, we will be happy with these wonderful versions.

Listen to “2U” here >>

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