Sweden’s new pop marvel interprets “Issues”

By on May 27, 2017

Mad Kings is the new pop marvel with the roots in Sweden’s northern parts. The members, Christian Holmström, Markus Liden, Jesper Jakobson and David Ahlström, previously worked together with one of Sweden’s biggest songwriter, Jörgen Elofsson. Nowadays they live in Stockholm and work with David Kreuger and Per Magnusson, former parts of the legendary Cheiron gang. Together they create strong pop songs in a classic band-setup, but with a commercially refined sound.

“Issues” is a cover of Julia Michaels song with the same name, which is still on top charts around the world. The song was made to introduce Mad Kings to the world before releasing their own heart-warming creations.

After they interpreted “Issues,” the guys got feeling and recorded a video with incredibly beautiful summer feeling. Filmed, directed and cut by the band themselves.

Listen to Mad King’s interpretation of “Issues” here >>.
See the video to ”Issues” here >>.

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