Sweden’s fastest boat to Allt för sjön

By on January 30, 2017

The boat Modern Betong goes up to 105 knots, close to 200 km/h and is Sweden’s fastest. It is available on site at Allt för sjön, which takes place March 3 to 12 at the Stockholm International Fairs. Many may have seen the boat swisha past all others in the start of the Poker Run.

Poker Run is an event where some of Sweden’s coolest boats participating. They start in central Stockholm and then make a number of stops during the day where they get a playing card at each place. When they get to the final destination gives the cards in an envelope and the five best hands gets to settle in poker in the evening.

We have never been one of the five who will be involved and play poker. Last year I found a card the day after in a chink at the speaker so we may not have super eye on the cards either. We are most in it because it’s fun to see the other boats and the friendly ambiance, says Carl-Fredrik Söderberg who has the boat Modern Betong.

What is the best thing to see the other boats?
It is interesting to see when all the boats pushed to its maximum and how they behave in different water conditions. Our boat goes up to 105 knots and it is Sweden’s fastest. We have been going in 102 knots with six people in the boat, said Carl-Fredrik Söderberg.

On Allt för sjön gives visitors the opportunity to see this monster boat up close. Even the ever-present wrestling profile Frank Andersson’s boat that he uses in Poker Run will be in place.

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