Sweden’s elite within the conscious and rebirthing on Breath Day 2/2

By on January 27, 2017
How do you breathe? Breathe you a lot or a little? Did you know that you can learn to breathe more efficiently? In this way you can release tension and reduce stress. While you increase your well-being and may experience more freedom, passion and a more vibrant life. On Breath Day you will meet top elite within the conscious and rebirthing and share their best tips!
I have primarily a political goal with my job. I want to live in a world that works better! In the media we daily hear about scandals and failures. We seem to think that it is important to appoint scapegoats. We also seem to think that having more resources, everything would obviously be better. My truth is that we the people must be helped to mature. Mature people rejoice more to give to others.Johan Ekenberg.
We live in a society that puts pressure, few are leaders living in balance and are themselves good examples. Johan Ekensbergs life vision is that by his own example to inspire others to live vivid lives. His unique lecture on Body Reading has for many years been one of the most talked about lectures and changed people’s view of themselves and their surroundings. Liberating laughter and tears are common elementsand of course the breath. In everyday life is Johan in Sunne, Värmland, where he is currently building up its own training center Humlebäck. Now he comes to Stockholm and lectures on Breath Day with Lena Kristina Tuulse – one of the pioneers in the world in rebirthing.
Johan Ekenberg has become best known to the public about its openness about sex and its positive impact on the life and health. He has had his own TV show and wrote several books. Here he tells himself: For more than 20 years I have worked with sex courses. Sometimes I wonder how many speaking engagements I missed by sticking out the nose and say that the sexuality we’re talking about public is disgusting superficial. Sex done properly creates love and health!
Lena Kristina Tuulse is one of Sweden’s most famous faces in personal development in Sweden. She is a trained gymnastics director at the GIH and psychologisthas studied psychology, sociology and environment at Chalmers and family therapy at the University of Stockholm. She has founded Wäxthuset Väddö AB, Wäxthusets HVB home and Fjällbo training centers, devoted much of her life to bringing out rebirthing to people around the world through, for example, the International Breath Work Foundation (IBF) and the Association for rebirthing here at home in Sweden . Lena Kristina is also included in Anthony Robbins Leadership Team. (Tony is one of the world‘s top international coaches).
Sofia Sjöblom is one of them that operates Swedish Breathing Educator Training. She is also a certified laughter yoga instructor and runs “Comfortable Sunday” – meetings that is a spiritual spa with breathing in focus. Sofia says that small changes in your breathing pattern, you feel better, have more energy and less stress. During Breath Day’s evening workouts she blends hands-on exercises with theory.

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