Swecat Racing presents new “Hypercat”

By on December 20, 2016

As previously announced has Swecat Racing during the last six months working with renowned Swedish design studio Mannerfelt Design Team, with the development of a new hyper boat, “Hypercat”.

New Hypercat, a 9.5 x 3 m open catamaran, designed for private pleasure use, has been designed from the ground up at take full advantage of the powerful supercharged four-stroke engines from Mercury Racing, Verado 400R. Hypercat will be built in Sweden, entirely in carbon fiber using the latest technology in so called vacuuminjicerad composite manufacturing.

The hull design is a close collaboration between Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt, with several world titles, as designers, and Swecat Racing contest page, with multiple world champions Michael Bengtsson and Erik Strong, who brought his vast experience of driving extreme catamarans in different racing classes.

In addition to a hull design in the front, with excellent seakeeping in varying conditions, offered the design of the open version a number of challenges in addition to the competition version, not least to ensure comfortable and safe seating for four people. Unlike many catamarans with high performance built in other parts of the world, where it primarily boating at high speed in calm waters such as lakes or rivers, we wanted to build a boat that allows the driver, navigator and two passengers feel comfortable with to exploit the boat’s ability to cover long distances with a rarely seen average speed. The obvious choice is individual suspension seats, not fixed chairs and a large aft sofa. says Niklas Sjöö, CEO of Swecat Racing. “We have looked at the majority still available springy chairs on the market, but decided eventually to no single model really met all the requirements we set for this extreme hyper boat, and therefore have designed our own chairs specifically for Hypercat, and benefited from all the expertise in advanced materials available in the project team.”

In addition to a hull designed to handle the massive power of the twin Mercury Racing 400R, has also the open version undergone advanced wind tunnel simulations, in order to minimize the total air resistance, as well as wind turbulence around the driver and passenger helmets. “Just as with the race version, we have used the latest technology in computer simulation, CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamic), to optimize the aerodynamic properties of the open version of the new Hypercat, not only offer an extremely slippery shape, which improves fuel economy at high cruising speeds, but also ensure that the driver and passengers can enjoy the ride. says Ocke Mannerfelt on Mannerfelt Design Team.
The conversion” from fully covered racing boat, which meets among other the UIM regulations, an open four-seat boat for private pleasure use, is a design perspective masterpiece by former Jaguar designer Ted Mannerfelt. The frame surrounding the cockpit is made of lacquered carbon fiber, with integrated steps from the stern, and two classic “Speedster humps” behind the passenger seats.
“We believe that most customers will choose the open version, primarily to enjoy the groundbreaking fuel economy at high cruising speeds, and the tantalizing acceleration as the combination of low weight, good aerodynamics and powerful engines enable. For those who really want to push the envelope and run extremely fast, we have also designed a unique four-seater covered version, which allows four people traveling at the same high level of security in the competition version – a totally unique product in the market., says Niklas Sjöö.
Hypercat” has really been a fantastic project,” says Ted Mannerfelt. “As far as I know, is it the first time ever as a pure racing yacht, which meets several international classes in offshore racing, and a sleek and dynamic entertainment open version has been designed at the same time, from scratch. It has obviously put a lot of demands and brought a lot of challenges, but the end result really takes your breath away.”
Hypercat manufactured to order, with the ability to customize many parts of the specification in accordance with customer wishes. Price from 3 495 000 incl. engines.
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