Susanne professor of singing at the Royal College of Music

By on December 14, 2016

Susanne Rosenberg has been appointed professor of singing at the Royal College of Music (KMH).

Susanne Rosenberg is well-known folk singer, educator, researcher. Since 2005, she is head of the Department of Folk Music at the Royal College of Music, where she among other things has led efforts to develop training musicians in folk music.

She studied herself at KMH 1984-88, in what was then called individual course of study focusing folk music and jazz. She has been employed as a teacher at the Royal College of Music since 1996 and her doctorate in 2013 for artistic doctorate with the thesis KurbitsReboot, Swedish folk song in the new scenic interpretation.

– Professor title means a lot in several ways, says Susanne Rosenberg herself.

It is an important recognition of the specialization in that particular folk song and oral artistic processes that I represent. It can also mean a lot for the opportunity to apply for funding for new research projects. For my part, I hope it may mean that I can devote more of my time to research, but also the supervision of both master students and doctoral candidates.

– There will hopefully be important to KMH given a new professor in the song is a woman, she adds.

Susanne’s starting point is the folk song traditions. It was here she was curious both to understand and develop the artistic, scientific and educational methods in a music that is ear-based, which therefore do not take the detour over whether notes or other written instructions.

Much of what she engaged in both teaching and research is therefore about things that are useful in areas other than folk music, and she would like to help to convey to all music students.

While she cares about the folk musical identity.

See also Susanne’s website:

Susanne Rosenberg repeats “Voice Space” – one of the artistic productions that were part of her artistic doctoral thesis “Kurbits-reboot”:

A short medley from the show Reboot / Restart:

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