Supported by Fotografiska

By on October 29, 2016

Fotografiska is now launching a new variant of exhibitions: Supported by Fotografiska, which means that we support an exhibition without producing it themselves.

We do it because we think the exhibition’s topic is important, or for any other reason that makes Fotografiska want to support the initiative and be able to offer our guests even more inspiration and dedication.

Nude Survival: With the forehead in concrete – a survivor’s story of struggle, hope and light, is Supported by a Fotografiska exhibition that opens Thursday, November 3 and runs through to Sunday 6 November. In Fotografiskas ground floor’s great room F1 shown these suggestive, strong and beautiful pictures of Peter Knutson and Max Marklund as artistic photography tells the story of one woman’s struggle to survive cancer. Fundraising is made to cancer research.

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