Supertrio in the grandiose theater personality match

By on August 13, 2017
Matilda Rahm

Dan Ekborg, Sven Ahlström and Robert Fux play the roles of the actors in the play Lite lugn före stormen, a senseless satire about the art of acting, the theater and the present. A meta-play about portray, about which ideals control one’s theater work and about the art of being present while repeating himself.

Premiere on August 25 at Klarascenen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

In the play meets three actors which all portrayed evil men on stage to talk about their experiences infront of the audience. Two have done Hitler, one Goebbels. Now they warm up before the conversation, which turns into a brilliant show in power games. They alternately play each other out and are quick to push each other. Who in the assembly has the most cred? Do you want to go to the history as the Hitler actor?

– Power game, intrigue, status fight, bullying: everything to control the performance anxiety. There is no flattering image of the act of art given in this play, but it is a fun and accurate satire of human vanity, said Dennis Sandin, director whose debut at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Dylansällskapet, became a big success in the fall of 2016.

The plays characters present a kind of journey through the post-war theater history. Dan Ekborg makes the traditional Franz Prächtel, as the free and experimental Ulli Lerch we see Robert Fux and Sven Ahlström in the role of Peter Söst, which personalizes the generation that sits between the two extremes.

– A good actor bring along its life in on stage, but a bad actor bring along the theater out to life. The greatest horror of all actors is to be a “bad actor” and to avoid it, they develop different strategies that are not all so becoming.

The play is written by the acclaimed german dramatist Theresia Walser whose play Diktatorsfruar made a success with Gunilla Röör at Uppsala City Theater 2015.

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