Summer’s most stylish holiday clothing

By on July 4, 2019

The summer is up and the holidays around the corner for most people. What is better than an updated summer wardrobe, as inspired and colorful as your personality?

We at Brothers have chosen to present three compositions to show how we prefer to combine color, pattern and the right qualities for the upcoming summer – all to keep the style regardless of whether you enjoy a nice day at the beach, a day off in town or charging the batteries in the country.

“In the city”
The coolest choice of a hot day in town is a pair of white linen pants combined with a short-sleeved shirt in straight silhouette. We advocate airy and casual with updated details, where the shirt collar in the bowling model and the strokes of the pants exemplifies this precisely.

Shirt: Leland, Riley. Trousers: Shelby pants white, Riley.

“At the beach”
The patterned shirt is in its proper element to and from the beach, and does itself best together with a pair of single-color bath shorts in the same tone as the uppers.

Shirt: Cody, Riley. Swimwear: Gordon, East West.

“At the countryside”
Here we have chosen a combination where the down-to-earth color range is in focus and flows together with its surroundings. The floral-patterned shirt is in its essence during the summer months and is best combined with a pair of beige linen shorts with drawstring at the waist.

Shirt: Tiago, East West. Shorts: Shelby linen shorts, Riley.

The summer’s most stylish holiday items can be found in one of Stockholm’s Brother stores.

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