Summer workers make exhibition

By on June 23, 2017

Even this year gets 15 young people to work in Östberga for the City Museum and the district administration (Enskede-Årsta-Vantör) and document their neighborhood. One of last year’s summer worker in the On-site project has been employed as assistant supervisor for new summer worker this year.

Last year, youth work resulted in four books. The assignment for the summer-working youth 2017 will be exhibition work. Photographer Johan Stigholt and antiquarian Sara Hedberg from the City Museum lead the project.

– There are adolescents aged 15-19 who come from the area. Some live in Östberga, part of Rågsved and Hagsätra. They have chosen culture when they sought summer jobs from the city, so they are motivated, says Johan Stigholt.

The city museum has been in place in Östberga and documented and collected stories, photographs and memories since the beginning of 2016. The results of the work are presented in a number of ways, but will also be included in the The city museum’s new bass exhibition, which will open in 2018.

In Östberga there is an exhibition scheduled for September 15th. It will take place in Fritidsgård’s premises and is done with the help of the youngsters and a designer, Studio Daniela Juvall.

– They will help us develop the content of the exhibition and participate in the entire production. We want their perspective on the material. We are in the 50’s, we can not have a 19-year-old perspective, says Johan Stigholt.

Among other things, a dog card game will be made. 52 dog owners and their dogs will pair up in a card game. The idea of dog card game is that dog owners move across borders in an area and are recognized by many of the residents.

The youngsters contact the dog owners in the area and ask to take a picture of them and their dogs. The dog owners may write a consent form for the museum’s permission to use the photograph. After that, the images are processed in the computer, and after the layout with the help of the designer, the card game is produced on a print shop.

– It is production from ax to loaf, says Johan Stigholt. A very concrete assignment, but also a first contact with working life and different occupational categories in the cultural sector.

Another group is working with refrigerator poetry. They produce words used by young people today in Östberga. It can be slang expressions but also names of local places. Another group works with a paint book based on pictures with typical Östberga motifs. Other young people are involved in the area’s older history or to form Fritidsgårdens corridors and toilets that will be a part of the exhibition.

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